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 Sound Recording

  • Lost At Sea4:03
  • Sparrow Horse5:13
  • He Said She Said1:53
  • Night is Over3:57
  • Heavy Shrimp4:19
  • Something Reckless3:02
  • Mountain4:00
  • See You Again3:49

At Z Sound, we love making records - tracking and mixing music for local musicians and bands is our central mission.  To accomplish this at the highest level possible, we offer production and preproduction, our lengthy list of fantastic instruments and noisemakers, our contacts with studio musicians, and we can assist with finding the right choice for having your music mastered.

Our PA system is capable of running sound for bands, weddings, parties, and events, and our mobile recording rig can capture the sound for later post production in the studio.

We also have experience doing voice over work and film scoring for local and independent film makers.