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 Sound Recording

  • Lost At Sea4:03
  • Sparrow Horse5:13
  • He Said She Said1:53
  • Night is Over3:57
  • Heavy Shrimp4:19
  • Something Reckless3:02
  • Mountain4:00
  • See You Again3:49


     Fender Jaguar Thinline

     Fender P & J Basses

           Gibson SG Standard

     Eastman AR371CE

     Airline Map Bass

     Guild F4

     Agile Guitars

     Traynor Bassmaster V1 & 2

           1968 Fender Super Reverb

     Fender Black & Silver Face

       Bassman Amps

     Ampeg V4

     '62 Ampeg B15N

     Nord Stage 2 Keyboard

     70's Ludwig Drums

Live Sound & Recording

     QSC HPR153i Mains

     Yamaha SM151V Monitors

     Yorkville LS701 Subwoofers


         Blackspade UM17R

         AEG/RTT MKL100 x 2

         AEA R84 x 2

    Beesneez Lulu x 2

    Blue Blueberry

    AKG C414 XLII x 2

    AT 4033 x 2

    Cascade Fathead

         Electrovoice RE20

    Sennheiser MD441

    Sennheiser MD421 x 2

        Sennheiser e609 x 2

    Audix i5 x 2

    Shure SM7B

    Shure SM57 x 6

    Shure Beta 52A x 2



    Genelec 1030A

    KRK V4


          1979  Raindirk Concord 2000


          Demeter HMX1

     Locomotive Audio Tube Pres

     Empirical Labs Distressor

     Manley ELOP

     FMR RNP


     Drawmer 1968 ME

     AC Sound CLX-160VU

     Chandler Tube Driver

     Biamp MR140 Reverb

     Korg Stage Echo

     Vintage 47 DB Fillmore  Reverb

           Lexicon PCM70

     Dynacord VRS23

     Roland SRV330

Toys we like to play with

Allen & Heath 16:2 mixer

Cymatic LR16 Recorder