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 Sound Recording

  • Lost At Sea4:03
  • Sparrow Horse5:13
  • He Said She Said1:53
  • Night is Over3:57
  • Heavy Shrimp4:19
  • Something Reckless3:02
  • Mountain4:00
  • See You Again3:49

News from Z Sound recording studio in austin

12/14  Been a busy year - in recent news we have albums from  Them Duquaines and The Lonesome Heroes about to be released and we've added live sound support and live recording capabilities to our list of services.  Gary Newcomb has lent his skills as a producer and musician to several projects this year at Z Sound, and we're hoping to keep him involved next year - adding his production has provided incredible benefits to each album he's been involved with!

1/14  Help us support independent film.  We're trying a new kind of promotion - for the month of January only, you can get studio time at Z Sound Recording Studio in Austin, TX  when you help fund the creation of a movie!  Go to maketheATmovie.com to get more information about the film and the rewards, and if you're interested, please spread the word.  Offer ends 2/1/14

1/14  We Were Wolves new record Wolf House got a nod for best local album of '13 from Free Press Houston - gotta say, we can't disagree

8/12  Daydream Western by The Lonesome Heroes won the Independent Music Awards 11th Annual Alt. Country Vox Populi....power to the people!